As an intern at Tesla, I played a crucial role in the seamless installation of their energy products. My primary responsibility was to assist installers in efficiently setting up devices in a high standard before hand over to our valued customers.

I also helped design an exceptional customer experience that allowed for effortless device monitoring, building confidence and loyalty toward Tesla's products. Our customers were thrilled with the results, leading to our overall success as a company.
05.2023 - 12.2023
Tesla Energy
UX Research, UX Design

Wall Connector Setup Experience
I led the transition of the Wall Connector setup experience from web-based to a mobile platform. Working at a rapid pace, I actively collaborated with the Project Manager to larify requirements. Additionally, I closely coordinated with various cross-functional teams, ensuring the efficient delivery of essential features. This initiative significantly enhanced user accessibility and streamlined the setup process.


Daily Connected Devices


More Connection
Success Rate


Less Setup Time

Powerwall Setup Experience
Powerall setup app helps installers set up the Powerwall after installation, ensuring its proper functionality before handing it over to the customer. During the internship. I delivered several new features to improve the experience overall.


More Monthly Connected Devices


Less Setup Time

Product Overview

Setup app
Installation alone is not the end of the process. Installers must also configure the settings of each device to ensure they function correctly before handing them over to customers. This important phase is what we refer to as the setup experience. The setup app is a key tool that installers use to set up devices like the Wall Connector (EV home charger) and Powerwall (home battery) after installation. This step is crucial to ensure the devices work properly and meet customer expectations.


Create a seamless experience for the installer to set up devices efficiently and to a high standard

More and more new third-party installers will join, and the new app will play an important role in facilitating the widespread adoption of the Wall Connector.

Project Details

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It was an incredibly rewarding experience. It provided me not only with extensive learning opportunities in UX design but also the chance to interact with many talented individuals. This combination of professional growth and networking has been invaluable, leaving me with skills and connections that will undoubtedly benefit my future endeavors.