Freja Zhang
+ UX designer with
great empathy,
technology awareness
and business acumen.
About me.
Persuing a Master's in Digital Media @ Georgia tech.
Freja is a sensitive and creative person who can always put herself in others' shoes. Her passion is solving problems through unique ideas that translate into compelling design solutions.
She is always looking to evolve the world of digital empathy and storytelling.

Type U ↗
Mobile · UI/UX Research&Design · Intern · 2022
An App that helps newly diagnosed diabetes kid's families get better education of diabetes management. The project is sponsored by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
Meituan ↗
Mobile&PC · Interaction Design · Intern · 2021
An IM office software used by Meituan employees, which can realize group communication, document collaboration, task management, and other functions.
Crush Fitness ↗
Mobile · UX/UI · Individual Work · 2021
An app that help female beginners ditch gymtimidation, a phenomenon that people have fear of working out in front of others.
other Works.
Hydroband ↗
Kylin App Store↗