Augmented Situated Visualization in Grocery Shopping
Master Project | Jun 2023- Present
Decision-making is a critical part of our daily lives, and people oftenrely on various tools to help make better choices. Among these,2D screen-based data visualization is a popular method, knownfor its usefulness in decision-making. However, this approach hasits limits, as it can be disconnected from real-life situations. This paper explores how Augmented Situated Visualization(ASV) can overcome these limitations. AR has the potential to blend data visualization more effectively with real-world scenarios, making it easier to assess problems by presenting data in a spatial context andreducing the effort required from users.

Our main goal is to examine how AR can improve decision-making in everyday activities. We specifically look at grocery shopping, a complex but important task for most people. Using a co-design approach in a grocery store,we studied which types of information and patterns help shoppersmake decisions. From these findings and current research on design patterns for ASV, we developed three prototype designs that show the possibilities of how ASV can assist in grocery shopping. This research is a starting point for more in-depth studies and aims to establish fundamental principles for AR design that help peoplemake better decisions in their daily lives.